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  1. Deirdre O’Rourke Sullivan

    I recently got the opportunity to try out this product, here are my thoughts
    The cleanser is so gentle and soothing you could probably use it on your babies face,
    The Moisturiser – this feels so rich in nutrients with a smell that makes you want to eat it too
    The Salve, OMG hero product , Iv used this on my lips, my cuticles and recently spilt soup
    on my hand and rubbed it on immediately, although went red after the burn, it never
    blistered and returned to normal very quickly.
    Having been thorough chemo, i can imagine rubbing the salve into your dry cracked lips
    and nails ,,,,, I would have loved the moisturiser to rub into my head when i lot my hair and
    nothing seemed to relieve the dryness. Since recovering and coming out the other side i
    still suffer chronically dry skin all over my body and the difference when i used the body
    butter, I stayed soft and supple. I love these products and delighted cancer sufferers have
    a range specifically designed for them ,,,well done Rhona and Journey Skincare xxx

  2. Ruth Duignan

    Hi Rhona. The following is my review of your skincare products

    SALVE – I used this on my breast and underarm as I am just finished radiation treatment. Both areas were very red and tender after treatment especially around my nipple and operation scar. Eventhough I religiously put on other cream during the month I had radiation I was very tender after I finished but in less than a week using salve both areas are practically back to normal. TBH this astounded me as I was more than a little skeptical that this salve wd work as good as the cream I was using but it did and better.

    OIL – Great for removing makeup but I just loved massaging in this oil followed by a hot face cloth. My face and neck thought Xmas had come early. It gave my skin the oil that it so badly needed to look healthy again.

    MOISTURE SERUM – gorgeous smell firstly. My skin has been through so much this year with chemo it just gave it the nourishment it needed. Going through chemo my face felt as if i had lost layers of skin as it felt thin and unhealthy to touch for so long so the moisture serum feel really helped with the feel and texture of my face.

    Overall I loved these products and would highly recommend them.
    Regards Ruth

  3. Rose Kearney


    I have been using Journey Skincare products for weeks now, in particular the cleanser, soothing skin salve and moisturising serum. It’s such a luxurious feeling when applying it to my skin. The products smell absolutely divine, it feels like you are in a spa.

    I would highly recommend the Journey Skincare & Beauty range.

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Repair and Care Giftbox

(3 customer reviews)


Gift Box Contains:

  • Cleansing Oil
  • Moisturising Serum
  • Soothing Skin Salve

Wrapped in a luxury Giftbox wrapped in Satin Ribbon

Sending it as a gift? Click on the “Beacause we care” giftcard and leave your personalised message in the comment box at checkout and we will send with your gift

*Note: Always patch test a small area before using and If under any medical treatment consult with your doctor. Contains a nut-based oil.

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